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Hypnosis and Weight Loss/Control

Michael D. Weil, Psy.D.


Weight problems often, but not always, stem from a lack of control over food consumption. Control over eating habits is lost when eating becomes a way of handling emotions. Here’s how it happens…

Let’s say an individual eats whenever they are anxious, mad frustrated, lonely or bored. Food becomes a way of distracting him or her from one or more of these uncomfortable feelings and becomes a source of relief in and of itself. Unfortunately, the relief is short-lived and overeating continues.

Individuals who experience weight problems are frequently bothered by their condition. They get down on themselves for having a habit they cannot break and attempt, through sheer will power, to regain control over their eating. For a time, eating habits can change and weight can be lost. However, when uncomfortable feelings persist or a crisis occurs, the desire to eat becomes stronger and stronger until the habit returns. This explains why individuals can lose weight but not maintain their weight loss over extended periods of time.

Using a two-step approach, hypnosis can be a powerful toll in combatting weight problems. First, hypnotic suggestion is used to break the link between uncomfortable feelings and the need to eat. Once this link is broken, individuals can choose alternative ways to make themselves feel better. Second, people are taught how to understand and tolerate their feelings and how to use them to solve a problem. This increases the likelihood that weight loss will be maintained over time.

Dr. Weil recommends that you consult your medical doctor if you are concerned about your weight. In some cases, hypothyroidism or metabolic (related to the metabolism) conditions are the cause of weight gain. When medical causes are ruled out, hypnosis can provide a safe and effective way for you to tackle this problem, once and for all. Contact Dr. Weil if you would like more information or to set up an appointment.